Razzle Dazzle evolve-edit copy

A little razzle dazzle don’t you know?

Sometimes it’s all that’s required don’t you think? A little bit of glitz and glam even if you’re not really feeling it, and would really rather have a little lie down?

Something had to give; the day job work has taken over right now and it’s meant for self preservation I’ve needed to really prioritise my energies; which has meant that I’ve not been able to do, as I would like, evolve-edit.

We’ve a woman down in our (very small) office and we don’t know when, or even if she will be back – so we’re all picking up on her accounts/work and muddling our way through for now, whilst missing her and hoping she mends as speedily as she can. It’s been a wake up call to us all about how life can throw you a curve ball and you then have to put things into perspective about what is important and when time, rest and sleep need to take precedence over shopping.

However, in the midst of all of this crazy work, I’ve battled on and have still found time to fill baskets, and even order the odd thing or two, to start getting organised for Christmas (#buyingthingsformyselffromthekidsjustincase) – but I am also doing it mindfully (I think and hope…. #30wears #yesiknowimcontradictingmyself).

So silly season is upon us, if we do have places to go and people to see, what to wear? Do we want (need?) a complete new outfit – does the ‘do’/’do’s’ warrant this, or… with a injection of pizazz here and there, can existing outfits do the job perfectly finely?

Chances are, on the less than handful of Festive do’s I’m going to, I will be wearing black. No major shocker there.
There is, at one level, always room for another item to slip in, in black; but then I am thinking to up the ante a smidge with a some shine and sparkle. A little bit here and there just to oomph the uniform.

To be fair ANY of what is shown below is going to work with, well, anything you have already. They’re all neutrals (dahling).

Boots. My weakness. What can I say?
I’m going straight in with the gold boot. Singular. These could do nicely. And a good walk-able heel. The more I keep looking at them the more I like them. Reeeeally like them.
Zara Metallic Animal Print Heeled Ankle Boots £59.99

Zara Metallic Animal Print Heeled Ankle Boots £59.99

A more paired back shade of silver/pale gold equally as delicious as the above pair – perhaps even more year-round-able…? (Though in truth I’d wear a pair of gold boots all year round given half a chance.)
Anthropologie Winona Metallic Leather Ankle Boots £160

Anthropologie Winona Metallic Leather Ankle Boots £160

I would like a life style that required these beauties. I mean.
Zara Metallic Kitten heel Boots £69.99

Zara Metallic Kitten heel Boots £69.99

Wouldn’t this clutch sit sooooo perfectly?
This clutch would be a keeper for years and years – and perfect for dancing around.
Hush Disco Beaded Clutch £55

Hush Disco Beaded Clutch £55

A block heel and a colour described as ‘Shimmering’… YES.
These are knee-high and would be perfect to shimmer in with skirts, dresses or how about a wide leg cropped trouser? And no draughts, an important factor I think in the winter party season.
H&M Shimmering leather boots £99.99

H&M Shimmering leather boots £99.99

These boots need an impressive bag no?
Zara Metallic Mesh Cross body bag £29.99

Zara Metallic Mesh Cross body bag £29.99

A more sultry bronze colour. And I love this heel shape. Still walk-able.
Next Banana Heel shoe £45

Next Banana Heel shoe £45

So what if all of the above options are too high, too much?
What about some slap you round the chops razzle dazzle trainers??

OK these might still be too much… in terms of glitter… but jazzy trainers for a festive do? Worn with a wide trouser and festive top?
YES again. Festive AND comfortable. (#winning at the end of the evening).
Topshop Cuba Silver Glitter Trainers £32

If all of this sparkly tomfoolery is STILL too much… how about a sock, or pair even.
Arket Ribbed Lurex Socks £7

Arket Ribbed Lurex Socks £7

I think it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed in December of all of things we should do/people we should see etc etc.
With work deadlines, Christmas shopping and just general sorting of stuff. To stay in, sit/lie down and zone out… I can’t think of anything I’d like more.
And I’d VERY MUCH like to do it wearing these sparkly pj’s below…
PJ’s worth staying in for.
Hush Gold Star Flannel Pyjamas £55

Hush Gold Star Flannel Pyjamas £55


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