evolve-edit on holiday

Nice Tan, been anywhere nice?

Team Evolve-Edit have just got back from our holidays. Boy were we ready to go away and just stop. We AirBnb’d in the South of France, by the sea with sunshine all the way and a beautiful deceptive breeze. We also ate all the cheese. And, erm, had a pretty could crack on the wine lake too.
Revived (?) and rested we can begin again.

I know the weather here in the UK wasn’t great whilst we were away but even though the sun it shining for us now, there has been a definite cooling it feels, since we got back – I don’t completely disapprove. I love the changing of the seasons and all that it brings in terms of what we need (& want) to wear.

My default for so many things of what to wear may be black, but tan coloured accessories and boots are, to me, the PERFECT inter season colour; be it spring or autumn.

I have a pair of tan leather Clarks boots that must be 12-13 years old; the stitching detail on them is perfect for now as they have a slight western feel – I don’t and never did wear them loads but every now and again each autumn winter they have their moment – and woah they feel just right especially when sandals become less appealing.

With this in mind I had a look on the Clarks website, though they didn’t really have what I thought I might find, they did have THESE (below) which I think could be perfect.

I could see these brogues just making that gentle nod into autumn (I know we’re not there yet!) that toughens up an outfit (whilst also adding an element of disco perhaps?), perfect too, with jeans or smart trousers. Bare ankles now to a sparkly sock later me thinks.
Clarks Hamble Oak brogue £65

Clarks Hamble Oak brogue £65

Western style boots are a great everyday style option in whatever colour. I love the proportions of these below, they would look great with dresses, jeans etc (& also when one’s feet just get to the point of saying NO MORE SANDALS – and you just need the comfort of socks + shoe/boot… the tan colour still gives them a more last-bit-of-summer feel…), these are getting low on sizes online – it’s worth checking in store.
M&S Suede Western Style Boots £49.50

M&S Suede Western Style Boots £49.50

There are some delicious eye catching tan coloured bags out there too… again with the tan element that is just softer on, well everything – I love this with the pops of colour. (This bag would also work later on with a navy coat don’t you think?)
French Connection Metz Leather Patchwork Shoulder bag £39, was £90

French Connection Metz Leather Patchwork Shoulder bag £39, was £90

I love the shape and tan colour level of this bag, it will only get better with age as well.
Mint Velvet Nelly Tan Suede Slouch tote £139

Mint Velvet Nelly Tan Suede Slouch tote £139

A super useful cross body bag in a slightly darker tone.
M&S Leather Cross Body Bag £45

M&S Leather Cross Body Bag £45

And a delicious rich tan shade and size from Oliver Bonas. (Should we talk about the dress too?)
Scarf detail Slouchy tote bag £46

Oliver Bonas Scarf detail Slouchy tote bag £46

A nod to the tan shade with a plain belt.
H&M Dark Brown Leather Belt £12.99

H&M Dark Brown Leather Belt £12.99

We need to, and I will be talking more about animal. Every animal. It has not gone, and won’t be going anywhere. Leopard, snake, zebra and tortoise. In the mean time… for those still unsure that animal is for them, and yes we’ve seen similar before, a belt could be a way in… Hush Leonie Belt £49

Hush Leonie Belt £49

Snakeskin anyone… in a cool not too shouty way?
H&M Ankle Boots in Light Brown Snakeskin pattern £34.99

H&M Ankle Boots in Light BrownSnakeskin pattern £34.99

And finally, I know – another actual shoe. These look amazing, I love the slightly masculine feel – would look great with smart trousers, jeans or a cropped culotte style.
Clarks Pure Viola £75

Clarks Pure Viola £75


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