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Sandal Back Mountain

I’m in a potential fizz – with a task to deal with; to be summer ready feet. I would like to apologise for the fact of my going on and on about where the jeff was spring… and now it’s here/coming/imminent. I am not foot, or more, should we say, hoof ready. Too much information. Soz.

A work trip next week means that I’m furiously checking my weather app to what its going to be where I’m headed… hot, humid and wet. Averaging about 29 degrees. So frizzy hair and swollen ankles will be a go-go – I can barely wait.

Outfits for the trip are coming together, but footwear. I was going to just ‘do boots’ or trainers.

But now, now, hello we’re looking at 26 degrees HERE, tomorrow. Really?? No, like really? This being the season of the (fashion singular) mule or sling back, I’m done for. I need some serious industrial machinery if I’m going to be revealing my feet; lashings of nail polish will only dazzle and distract so far.

In the meantime, sandals or shoes to allow a little air around the situation without revealing heels, a pedicure, industrial or otherwise just isn’t going to be happening this week.

So, I think espadrilles could be our friends in this situation like this… a wedge does mean walk-able (though granted, it is also further to fall, been there, done that). I remember seeing something similar to these below, too late in the season last year… around the time when my love of yellow started.

Office, £49.

Office Marmalade yellow espadrilles £49

Monochrome stripe at Next, £38. Super cute.

Next stripe espadrille £38

Flat and low, with gingham ribbons – gingham was so big last summer, it’s still going to be around this summer too.

South Beach espadrilles, Asos, £18

South Beach Espadrilles with Gingham Ties £18

Simply does it with these from Office, £59.

Office Espadrilles £59

I’m not toe-ist… I’m OK with a toe reveal… these sandals from Next, £26 could become a summer staple, there in various colours/fabrications. 

Next block sandal £26

Something a bit more covering are these from Gap £79.95. (They remind me of some Clarks tan shoes similar to this that I had years ago, I wore them quite literally into the ground… I loved them.)

Gap open toe buckle booties £79.95

I’m drawn to these olive green sandal/shoes too from Topshop £32.

Topshop sandals £32

Something more covering… a shoe? Some red would be nice, too wouldn’t it? Nice sexy V cut on the top.

Lost Ink, Asos, £34

Lost Ink, Asos, £34

Some sparkle always feels like a good idea too… and these are very walk-able in-able, and the ankle strap makes them just that touch different. I’d wear these dressed down with boyfriend jeans and a tee.

Gap £59.95.

Gap metallic shoes £59.95

I do like a loafer. A couple of summers ago I dug out some silver leather ones I’ve had from, oh crikey, over 20 years ago (bought for me to wear at my degree show; then ended up being worn on the catwalk by one of the models and I was barefoot)… In truth, after a days wear they can walk by themselves and need to sit outside to calm themselves… but I do love them now and again.

These gold metallic ones from Mango could add a bit of pizzazz to any outfit. £59.99.

Mango at Asos Metallic loafers £59.99


Or these black leather loafers from Zara… £69.99

Zara black loafers £69.99

These are rather stylish too… from Zara Basics £25.99

Zara loafers £25.99

I’m feeling reassured there are options out there, that will cover the pre-pedicured feet… failing that – and finally, how about these gorgeous boots in a blossom pink!?

Cos leather knee high boots £225.

Cos leather knee high boots £225


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    I’m waiting for Tim to appear, to do some Neighbourhood Plan work …. but I have just read your blog … again, fab!! Well done, just love it I am forwarding to friends later xxx

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